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Welcome to Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., specializing in Diversity ROI Measurement and Human Performance Improvement


We are a full-service International Organization and Human Performance Consulting Corporation with eight (8) business divisions to help you make a measurable, Return on Investment (ROI) difference in organizational performance. "Click" on the  below for more information...


Diversity ROI Focused Webinars Schedule

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Diversity ROI Focused Workshops

  • Diversity ROI Training Workshop Schedule



Link: Hubbard ERG and BRG ROI Institute

  • Click on the Link above to go to the ERG/BRG ROI Institute site.
  • Quickly turn strategy into insight and action with our ERG and BRG ROI services.

New Book !!:

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Diversity ROI Consulting & Measurement Division



Specialized Diversity ROI Services


Diversity ROI Coaching Services


  • International Services Division




Here's why Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. and it's President & CEO, Dr. Edward E. Hubbard, has been recognized and acknowledged as the Pioneer and Founder of the Diversity Measurement and Diversity Return on Investment (DROItm) Fields:

  • Dr. Hubbard wrote the first book focused exclusively on how to measure diversity results entitled: "Measuring Diversity Results (MDR)"

Dr. Hubbard has written over 40 business-related books, the last ten books in addition to "Measuring Diversity Results" focused on diversity measurement. Additional reasons cited:

  •  Dr. Hubbard was the first to create automated and "Online" software systems that calculate and integrate diversity and diversity return on investment that links to bottom-line business performance results including:
  • Dr. Hubbard created the Diversity ROI Analytics and the Diversity Performance Consulting Fields as credible disciplines.
  • Dr. Hubbard created the Hubbard Diversity Measurement & Productivity Institute, and the Hubbard Diversity ROI Institute, the first Institutes dedicated exclusively to teaching Diversity and business professionals techniques and processes to measure diversity's impact and diversity's return on investment.
  • Dr. Hubbard has created over 50 different web-based diversity measurement tools for human and organization improvement.
    • MetricLinktm An Integrated HR and Diversity Measurement Online Service
    • 10 Different "Diversity Stat Pakstm", "Calculate and Go" Software Systems such as the "MDR Stat Pak", "Staffing and Retention Stat Pak", "HR Stat Pak", the "Supplier Diversity Stat Pak", "Diversity Scorecard Startup Metrics Pak", and much more.




After more than 28 years in the organization and human performance business, these are reasons we feel Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. can help meet your Diversity Measurement and Human Resource challenges successfully to make a measurable difference in your performance!

Use the Quick Human Resources, Diversity and/or Software links On the Left Panel to locate other tools products and/or services to help meet your strategic performance objectives...


Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Diversity ROI Quick Polls:

We value your opinion and perspectives. We invite your opinion on two short Diversity ROI Polls (2 questions). You will get immediate feedback on the results submitted by others like yourself.

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 A Sample of New Workshops, Webinars, Services, Showcases and Products from Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.



H&H, Inc. Event Calendar: January - August 2014
Online Interactive Workshops With Dr. Edward E. Hubbard:
April 14-15 Measuring the ROI of Diversity Training  
May How to Measure the ROI Impact of Employee/Business Resource Group (ERG/BRG)Initiatives
Aug. Diversity ROI Fundamentals
Nov. How to Build a Strategic Diversity ROI Plan for 2015


May 13-15

Hubbard DROI® Methodology Workshop - Level I Certification Enroll by April 15th and receive 30% Discount off the Workshop Price (a $500+ Savings)!

Personal Success Coaching Center Workshops
Jun. 3 Revitalize! Workshop for Personal Power and Success Strategies
  Showcase Sesions

 FREE Showcase* Webinar: Metriclink® Diversity ROI Dashboard and Scorecard Measurement Service

11 am - 12:30 pm
FREE Showcase* Webinar: Diversity ROI Measurement Calculators and Tools 11 am - 12:30 pm
FREE Showcase* Webinar: Access to an Online Diversity ROI Resource/Warehouse of Metrics, Formulas, Learning Modules and Much More. 11 am - 12:30 pm
* Note: You must register ahead of time to attend the Free Showcases. This allows us to send the handout materials in advance of the session.
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Daily



Upcoming Workshops: (click here for more informantion)


Hubbard Diversity ROI Institute Certification Training and Public Workshops (click here for more informantion)


Join the HR & Diversity ROI Best Practice Resource and Solutions Membership Center: Click Here for More Information

Upcoming Webinars: (Click here for more information)


Upcoming Free Showcases: (Click here for more information)

ERG/BRG and Diversity Council Initiatives Return On Investment (ROI) Impact Analysis ONLINE Service!!

Now your Employee Resource Groups / Business Resource Groups and Diversity Council can:

  • Automatically Calculate the ROI impact of their Initiatives
  • Interactively Share Best Practices Online anywhere in the world (global community footprint)
  • Dynamically Track Project Development and Implementation Status Online
  • Quickly generate Online Scorecards and Dashboard Displays of their Initiatives ROI Impact and Results!!
  • and much, much more...!

(Click here for more information)


Online SuperStore: New Products:

(Books, Software, Organizational and Personal Assessment Tools, ROI Measurement Tools and Resources, Research and much, much, more....)

(Click here for more information)

  • Metriclink ROI Scorecard and Dashboard Monthly Online Service for as little as $195/month

  • Online Training ROI Evaluation Service for as little as 0.95 Cents per participant plus a low one-time setup fee.

  • Free Metriclink HR and Diversity Scorecard and Dashboard Showcase/Demo

  • Certification Workshops and Webinars

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.'s MetricLINK® Monthly Online Human Capital and Diversity Dashboard (and Scorecard) Analytics Services Can Help You...


  • Effectively Translate the Vision

  • Improve the Data Collection and Communication Process

  • Optimize the Management and Continuous Improvement Process

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Diversity and Human Capital ROI Analytics and Business Intelligence Solution Benefits

  • Drives better ROI performance results for bottom-line impact

  • Coaching and diversity and diversity analytics consulting to help ensure you have the "right mix" of measures


  • Points out what’s missing for improved future planning and cost savings

  • Encoureages good measurement and analytics management for better diversity business intelligence alignment


  • Enhances accuracy and credibility with all stakeholders

  • Quickly plan, implement, and monitor your diversity strategy deployment to show progress and impact

  • Helps you quickly turn strategy into insight and action

  • Communicates the story behind the numbers for enhanced decision making

  • Allows fast adjustments in scorecard target setting in response to changes in performance


  • Integrated projectplanning and monitoring capabilities for improved internal benchmarking.

Click Here for Details


Many key decision-makers want to know:

  • Did the training program or intervention we just conducted “work”? How do we know?


  • Did the training program or intervention increase our overall effectiveness?


  • How do we know that the training behaviors transferred to the job and are having a business and ROI impact?


  • How can we benchmark the intervention to distill best practices?


  • What metrics or process will really help us demonstrate the impact of this intervention on the bottom-line?

Eventually a training initiative or performance intervention should lead to some level of impact on the business of the organization.

This service will

  • Redesign your Class Evaluations to meet ROI Standards


  • Provide online access for Class Participants


  • Tabulate Feedback Data


  • Analyze Findings


  • Develop a Diversity Training ROI Investment Report


  • Provide a Powerpoint Deck for Presentation to stakeholders and project sponsors

The Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Showcase is designed to help Diversity and Human Resource professionals:

  • Learn Human Capital Scorecard Analytics that drive organizational performance impact and ROI.  


  • Learn critical measurement techniques, target setting approaches, and discover a low-cost, state-of-the-art online scorecard and dashboard services that generate results.


  • Learn critical measurement and analytic display approaches that add credibility to your Diversity and HR efforts. 

Programs include:

  • Developing Diversity ROI Impact Analysis Skills

  • Creating a Diversity Scorecard


  • Designing Diversity Training for ROI Impact

  • Analyzing the ROI Impact of ERGs/BRGs


  • Creating Diversity Strategic Plan forROI and Performance Impact

  • And Much More


Call 707-481-2268 Today...for more information!





Just Released!! Dr. Edward E. Hubbard's New Book:


Diversity Training ROI: How to Measure the ROI Impact of Diversity Training Initiatives:

Another book and supporting webinar from the author of the best selling books..."Measuring Diversity Results", "The Diversity Scorecard", and "How to Calculate Diversity Return on Investment (DROI®)"

This book is timely. 


Over the last several years and millions of employees trained, diversity training has come under attack in the press, on radio shows, and inside organizations as having no real evidence of its value on the financial bottom-line. Many have called it a waste of time and resources.  


The only way to determine that skill development and diversity training are having the desired effect is to use formal training evaluation processes and ROI-based cost-benefit analysis methods to evaluate diversity training efforts. The results of these activities can confirm the positive effects of diversity training and identify improvements to make it better. Professional Diversity training measurement and evaluation

strategies can contribute to maximizing an organization's overall return on investment (ROI) or it's Return on Mission (ROMtm).


Today, Diversity training programs have to prove their worth and value like any other part of the business. In this book, Dr. Hubbard will show you how to address these issues with "evidenced-based" Diversity Training Return on Investment (DTROI®) evaluation techniques and proven professional measurement processes that drive business performance and strategic results!



This is why Dr. Hubbard wrote the Diversity Training ROI book and is conducting the Utilizing Diversity Training to Drive Business Performance and ROI Webinar.  We believe you will find it a wonderful contribution to the field of diversity.




To Order the Book


Order Book: Click Here