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Hubbard HR & Diversity ROI Best Practices


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HR & Diversity ROI Best Practice Resource and Solution Center Membership

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To provide organizations with a Membership based Skill-Building site that provides awareness and training regarding:

  • Diversity ROI Theory and Application
  • HR & DROI Analysis Process Training
  • HR & DROI Assessment tools
  • HR & DROI Analytics
  • HR & DROI Critical Success Factors and Metrics
  • Automated Online Analysis Tools
  • Benchmark Case Studies
  • HR & DROI Online Learning and Training Modules
  • and much, much more...

to effectively demonstrate HR & Diversity's Cost-Benefit and value-added to the organization.


Basic Membership:

As a Annual Registered Basic Member, you receive:

  • 24/7 Online Warehouse of:
    • 100's of Diversity Measurement and Productivity Measures and formulas you can use immediately
    • Step-by-Step DROI Measurement Worksheets
    • Step-by-Step DROI Analytics Templates
    • Downloadable, Featured Measurement and Productivity Articles
    • Easy to Use DROI Analytic Tools
    • Easy to Use Online Diversity ROI Measurement Calculators

Sample Online Diversity ROI Measurement Calculator


  • Diversity ROI Case Studies for Member Application, Reference and Use
  • A "Members Only" Webinar-based Measurement and Productivity Applications Clinic
  • A Wide Range of Metrics Galleries with Hundreds of Measures in each such as the 
    • Leadership and Workforce Metrics Gallery
    • Workforce Competency Metrics Gallery
    • Workforce Cultural Audit Measures Gallery
    • Workforce Success Measures Gallery
    • Diversity & Organizational Performance Metrics Gallery
  • Annual Member Diversity ROI Needs Assement Tool which will help you determine:
    • The state of their diversity change process implementation
    • Organizational Progress against Goals and assessing the ROI impact of their Diversity & Inclusion initiatives (D&I Initiatives, Council Plans, BRG/ERG, Scorecard Impact, Workplace Culture and Climate Analysis, etc.)
    • A Baseline Audit of the Organization

Basic Membership: You Receive All of these Benefits for the Low Price of only $195/year (approximately $16/month). A tremendous value and savings!


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Additional Services and Advanced Member Benefits You Receive:

  • Benchmarking forum (among members who choose to participate) to compare your Organization's impact in a wide variety of Diversity & Inclusion Measurement Areas
  • Eligible Entry in the Hubbard Diversity ROI Best Practices Award process that Highlights organizations achieving outstanding measurable results from their Diversity & inclusion processes. 
    • 2-Level Award Criteria
      • Level-I: Results Focused
      • Level-II: Hubbard DROI Methodology Based)
  • Diversity ROI-focused Educational Webinars and Training Programs
  • Expert Coaching and Advice
  • Support Tools:
    • Books
    • Automated Organizational and Individual Multi-rater Surveys
    • etc.


Click Here to Obtain Your Membership


Diversity ROI Resources and Solution Center Membership Pricing



Annual Basic Membership: Only $59/Year including all of the above Benefits!!

To Register and Pay to get Your Membership Username and Password , Click on the "Register Now" link TODAY!:


Be sure to check this site to get the latest information on Diversity ROI Information and Application Tools 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 707-481-2268



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