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bulletHelp you locate new, practical techniques to save you time, money, and resources
bulletProvide state-of-the-art expertise in business, organization, and personal development subject areas
bulletProvide a step-by-step diversity and measurement implementation process that takes the guesswork out of demonstrating value to the organization.
bulletOffer high quality content written by experts in the field to keep current on best practices


Books by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard


[Product Image]Dr. Hubbard is one of the first metrics authors in the field of diversity. As a result of his extensive research in the area of diversity measurement and expertise in computer programming, he is one of the first to develop automated software technologies for measuring diversity return-on-investment and performance improvements.

Dr. Hubbard is also available for consulting, conference, executive briefings, and keynote presentations. Contact Myra at


[Product Image]He is the founder of the Hubbard Diversity Measurement and Productivity Institute and is also author of the groundbreaking books: "Measuring Diversity Results", "How to Calculate Diversity Return-on-Investment” and his soon to be released book: ”Building a Diversity Measurement Scorecard”.


[Product Image]Recently, Dr. Hubbard received double honors being named to the prestigious Who's Who in Leading American Executives and Who's Who Worldwide of Global Business Leaders.   Memberships are limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.  Author of more than 37 books, some of his other book titles include: The Hidden Side of Employee Resistance To Change, Managing Customer Service on the Frontline, Managing Your Business For Profitable Growth, Hiring Strategies For Long-Term Success, How To Start Your Own Business With Empty Pockets, Managing Organizational Change: Strategies For Building Commitment and many others. 

Available Now!

bullet"The Diversity Scorecard by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard" and
bullet"The Manager's Guide to Diversity Management by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard"
bullet"Implementing Diversity Measurement and Management by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard"

Dr. Hubbard will again share key strategic approaches for building a diversity scorecard in his upcoming book "The Diversity Scorecard". This book is jammed-packed with information, practical examples, and case studies from actual applications that help you track and report your diversity performance.




In addition, Dr. Hubbard will release a book entitled: "The Diversity Performance Consultant's Fieldbook" which is packed with analytical  and measurement tools, worksheets, charts, processes and much more to help you enhance your organization's performance utilizing diversity strategies.


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The Hidden Side of Employee

Resistance to Change

Internal Customer Care

Managing Organizational Change: Practical Lessons for Building Commitment

Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

It’s not change we object to, we object to being changed! No matter how well it’s planned, most organizational change efforts will eventually run into some form of employee resistance and we must be prepared to handle it. In an uncertain business world filled with down-sizing, re-engineering, mergers, takeovers, and deregulation, managers and employees need to know how to handle change.

This comprehensive book helps you bring two sides (structural and human) of the organizational change process together into a step-by-step process and transition plan. It will show you how to remove some of the major barriers to a successful transition and change.

It is jammed-packed with detailed action steps, worksheets, checklists, action plans, diagrams, models, and other information to really show you how to do it!

Order #HS-1-883733-00-6


Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

Developing service quality is a value which every department within an organization needs to be successful. It is the foundation upon which an organization’s success and profits are built. Customer service strategies are not just for external customers; internal customers need care too!

In this comprehensive book Dr. Hubbard shows you how to:

bulletSell you ideas and gain agreement on the work to be completed without resistance;
bulletDevelop a Service Audit system;
bulletLearn techniques to keep your cool with demanding customers;
bulletDevelop high quality service standards which ensure performance productivity and results;
bulletDevelop a proactive, problem-solving and early warning system;
bulletUse a proven internal consulting skills process to work with internal customers.

Order #ICC-1-883733-11-1

Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

This foundation setting book gives practical advice on how to view, analyze, and manage changes which take place within organizations while gaining the needed commitment from employees. It describes the requirements and methods for building commitment in a changing organizational environment. In this book Dr. Hubbard helps you to examine the nature of organizational change and its human responses and later describes a model and method for understanding and enhancing commitment to change.

Order # MOC-1-883733-15-4

Measuring Diversity Results

Hiring Strategies for Long-Term Success

Managing Your Business for Profitable Results

Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

Measuring Diversity Results is the one book that can give you a reliable work-tested system of data collection and productivity measurement tools that will feed back the organization’s progress and effectiveness through solid, factual results!

Beginning with a basic methodology for objectively evaluating Diversity activities, programs, processes and systems, the book takes you through the mechanics of creating simple mathematical formulas and advanced calculations and approaches for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of key Diversity change efforts. This book will help you:

bulletUse over 100 measures, formulas & tools to report diversity initiatives contribution to bottom-line performance.
bulletMeasure Diversity training outcomes in ROI Terms
bulletMeasure your Diversity efforts in terms of impact, costs and change
bulletCreate tracking and monitoring systems
bulletDevelop early warning systems
bulletLink your Diversity efforts to the strategic goals and objectives of the organization
bulletDevelop internal and external diversity reporting systems
bulletLink diversity results to the organization’s business rationale using key measures and formulas
bulletUse measures to set Diversity priorities and much, much more

Order #MDR-1-883733-17-0


Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

Even if your organization is downsizing, hiring issues are a major concern. The organization’s future leadership rests on the hiring selections made today! Expensive? You bet, if it is not done correctly. Unfortunately, companies can pay a heavy price for inefficient, ineffective interviewing.

This book is designed to help you ease your hiring headaches and help you do it right the first time. Hiring Strategies for Long-Term Success gives you practical interviewing skills and techniques that are useful immediately!

Order #HSLS-1-883733-03-0




Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

An excellent, practical resource to help you successfully run and improve the profit potential of your business. This book shows you how to watch for signs of business trouble, and eliminate threats before they become a problem. It contains specialized information for reading your balance sheets, setting budgets, creating the right monitoring and tracking, and so much more

Order #MYB-1-883733-09-X

How to Start Your Own Business With Empty Pockets

Managing Customer Service on the Frontline: The ServiceWorks Method

Coming Soon: Building a Diversity Measurement Scorecard

Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

If you ever dreamed of the freedom and rewards of having your own business, but have no cash to make it happen, then this book will help make your business ownership dreams come true. This comprehensive, step-by-step workbook is designed for those who are serious about becoming financially independent, retiring and starting a new career, replacing income from reduced work hours, and designing their life instead of just making a living.

You’ll learn how to get started immediately on a part-time or full-time basis

Order #EP-1-883733-02-2


Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

Developing service quality is a value which every department within an organization needs to be successful. In fact, an organization’s external customer service quality is often driven by and reflected in how its internal employees, managers and executives work as a team and the quality of its operating climate. Anyone in your company can make or break a relationship when they come in contact with your clients.

The ServiceWorks approach is designed to give you proven, step-by-step techniques for servicing customers and handling customer complaints.

This book will show you how to defuse potentially explosive situations, maintain a positive environment which encourages repeat business, focus on customer satisfaction while solving problems, and much more.

Order #SW-1-883733-08-1


Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.

This book provides a comprehensive step-by-step process for building a diversity measurement scorecard.


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Video Tapes Available

An exciting series of programs interviewing leading international experts who describe fresh challenges, innovative solutions, and give informed insights into the future of work.

bulletDiversity - Making It Work
bulletMaking Teams Work
bulletPlanning to Restructure
bulletThe Roller-Coaster of Change
bulletAction Learning for Results
bulletAssessing and Developing Performance
bulletBoardroom Effectiveness
bulletBuilding Trust
bulletBusiness in Cyberspace
bulletCareer Coaching Skills
bulletCareer Self-Management
bulletCreating and Working with Knowledge
bulletCreating Powerful Visions
bulletCost Reduction Strategies
bulletCross Cultural Communication Skills
bulletDeveloping Resilience
bulletEmotional Intelligence
bulletHow to Manage Knowledge Workers
bulletImproving Environmental Performance
bulletImproving Team Climate
bulletInfluencing Senior Managers
bulletInnovation in the Workplace
bulletLeadership in a Time of Change
bulletLearning from 360 Feedback
bulletMaintaining Continuous Motivation
bulletManaging Call Center Staff
bulletManaging Career Transitions
bulletManaging Disagreements Constructively
bulletManaging Generation Xers
bulletManaging Growth
bulletManaging Virtual Teams
bulletMentoring for Executives
bulletOvercoming Stress
bulletProfessional Business Writing
bulletRedefining Mentoring
bulletRethinking Marketing
bulletRevitalizing After Downsizing
bulletScenario Planning
bulletSelection Interviewing
bulletSenior Management Development
bulletSituational Coaching
bulletStrategic Planning for the Long-Term
bulletSuccess Factors for Virtual Teams
bulletTeam Negotiations
bulletThe Cooperative Workplace
bulletThe Process of Negotiation
bulletTurning Ideas Into Reality
bulletUnderstanding Knowledge Work
bulletWhat's New In Empowerment

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